Handling Hamsters

The younger your hamster is, the easier to tame. Make sure your hamster is settled in its new home before you try handling it. Read more about how to get your hamster settled in the “Settling In” section. Before you do anything with your hamster wash your hands because if their is a hint of food on your hand they may bite you. Start by placing your hand on the bottom of the cage with a treat or a bit of their hamster food on your palm. Read about treats in the “Food” section. Your hamster should slowly come to your hand and take a bit of the food. Don’t worry if your hamster doesn’t do this. They may be a bit frightened, if so then just carry on with this process until they come to eat the food. It can take up to 1-2 weeks for your hamster to trust you but remember this doesn’t apply to everyone. It may take longer or quicker depending on your hamster. Don’t rush into things let your hamster come to you. Once your furry friend is comfortable with taking the food from your hand you may find it to actually climb onto your palm. Once it has done this several times you may want to take it one step further and try to lift your hamster out of the cage. Go nice and slow and if it jumps off that is ok, keep trying over time, just make sure you keep your hands near the ground so it doesn’t hurt itself. Only try to handle your hamster for about 10 minutes because if you try for too long your hamster may get stressed or scared and may bite you. If this ever happens just remove its teeth and place it back in its cage but don’t give up. Try again the next day. Once your hamster trusts you, you should create a bigger and better bond each day and maybe even try to teach it a few tricks!